Saturday, November 5, 2011

Introducing Vivian at Boston

Hey, it's Erin, head of Class of Fashion! A note from me to you, I hope you've been enjoying and getting inspired by the outfits Shawna, Anna and I have been capturing! We've been covering New York City and Seattle, but why not add a little Boston, New England freshness to the repertoire. On that note, I'd like to welcome a new contributor to our bandwagon of street fashion spotters. Without further ado, here's a hello from Vivian at Smith College in Massachusetts. 

(Note: if you'd like to become a regular contributor, please send a sample photo to me at erinykim93@hotmail.comOr if you spot an outfit that you really loved once upon a time and would like to submit it, send that to the previously mentioned email and we'll see what we can do.) :)

Born in South Korea, I've traveled around different countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Japan, and I'm now a student at Smith College (Massachusetts). I'm all for observing different types of fashion and in my spare time, I'm into appreciating photography and watching films and TV shows--mostly comedy. By contributing to this blog, I'm looking forward to expanding a sometimes "fixed" view of fashion because there is so much more to fashion than just the looks or just "the vogue!" 

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